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The truth is that no matter how diligently we clean our homes, we still feel like we could do more. If you want to see your living space truly spic-and-span, you need to call BCB Cleaning Services. Our company works in Corona, CA.

House Deep Cleaning Services

House Deep Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

If you need a domestic assistant to help you with the numerous cleaning jobs in your house, we are ready and well-equipped to start as soon as we understand your requirements. Let us visit your property and establish an adequate cleaning schedule. If you want your bathroom and kitchen disinfected regularly and all the other rooms cleaned as well, call us now.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services ensure the health and productivity of your staff. When we remove grime, dust mites, mold, stains, and other unhealthy particles from your office, or other places of business, you will instantly feel the positive effects.

Window Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians provide safe and hassle-free window cleaning as well. Utilizing the most appropriate tools and materials, we will wash the glass, sills, and frames not leaving a single spot. With our help, you will have crystal-clear, streak-free windows. We are also providing an outstanding window screen cleaning service.

Basic Cleaning

There’s a huge difference between basic and deep cleaning. Basic cleaning includes cleaning the appliances, floors, carpets, furniture, and bathroom. But if you think your home or business requires more in-depth cleaning, all you have to do is call BCB Cleaning Services. We will deep-clean your home or office.

COVID-19 Sanitization

You can reach our local company for special COVID-19 sanitization that incorporates treating all the interior surfaces in your building with our high-quality disinfectants and cleaning equipment. We provide the complete disinfection of houses, apartment & office buildings, rental properties, and any other setting exposed to the coronavirus infection.

Electrostatic Cleaning Services

Reach our professional company for highly efficient electrostatic disinfection, as well. When it comes to killing bacteria, germs, and pathogens on all kinds of interior surfaces, there is no better approach than this one. We use cutting-edge specialized equipment to spray electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. 

Post-Construction Cleaning

Feel free to reach our company for a top-to-bottom cleaning of newly-built and renovated buildings. Our cleaning technicians carry the most efficient cleaning equipment and products to remove scuff marks on walls, wax floors, scrub windows, and leave the place safe and secure for the homeowner to inhabit. 

Carpet Cleaning

To improve indoor air quality, call our team for high-quality carpet cleaning services. We will extract the majority of the unhealthy pollutants deep into the fibers of your residential and commercial carpets. We carry out deep cleaning of all types of carpeting and eliminate even stubborn stains and terrible odors. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Do not hesitate to contact our company for efficient upholstery cleaning that includes deep cleaning of all kinds of fabrics and upholstered couches, chairs, armchairs, etc. Our cutting-edge machines enable us to remove contaminants and even stubborn pet stains and smells. We have the know-how and skill to treat all kinds of fabrics. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning thoroughly cleans all surfaces in your house or workplace. This method saves a lot of money on cleaning because it simply calls for the use of water as the cleaning ingredient, which can be found in most homes and offices. Because almost everything can be cleaned with steam, you can minimize the number of pollutants, allergens, and bacteria in the office without spending money on pesticides, disinfectants, and more.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

The dust and debris that have built up between your tiles over time are lifted and removed by professionals using specialized equipment and the strength of steam. You’ll be astounded at how even a truly old floor can be enhanced with a thorough cleaning as a result of revitalizing the floor and displaying its genuine beauty. A spotless, clean floor makes a wonderful first impression and should be at the top of your agenda if you’re attempting to sell your home.

Trash Bin Sanitation

Our professionals can regularly clean and disinfect your trash bins and dumpsters. Our work includes tasks such as power washing, removing built-up debris manually, applying sanitizing agents to kill bacteria and germs, cleaning up the pads, and more. Reach us now to discuss your needs and get a quote. 

Mattress Cleaning 

We are equipped and prepared to properly clean and sanitize your mattresses. We can help residential and commercial clients. Whether you have a king-size mattress or a few little ones, we will handle the job with care and precision. We will remove dirt and stains to ensure an allergen-free surface that smells and feels fresh. 

Other Services

You can call our team for RV & camper cleaning and move out cleaning as well. Make your recreational vehicle cleaner than ever and save yourself hundreds of dollars on repair bills. The same applies to your rental property. Other services that we can afford include window screen cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and chemical-free cleaning.

If you are in Corona, CA and want to make your home or work environment cozy and safe, call our experts at (951) 290-3515.

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